Cenospheres in refractory products

As a supplier to the refractory industry, we know what is important: absolute reliability. Casting molds, risers and risers made of ceramic materials must withstand extreme stress - physical and chemical. Carefully tested formulations are based on the consistent quality of the ingredients used.

At CAMEX we are aware of this special responsibility - our CAM-Spheres® meet the highest demands and are already being used successfully by numerous top European and international producers.

With this experience, we can particularly recommend the following cenospheres from our extensive product portfolio for use in the refractory sector.

Refractory in general

CAM-Spheres® 100-XGCAM-Spheres® 125-XGCAM-Spheres® 150-HGCAM-Spheres® 150-XGCAM-Spheres® 300-HGCAM-Spheres® 300-XGCAM-Spheres® 500-HGCAM-Spheres® 500-XG

Feeder, Riser, Molds, Sleeves, Hot Tops

CAM-Spheres® 150-XG-FGRCAM-Spheres® 300-XG-FGRCAM-Spheres® 300-XG-FGR-TCAM-Spheres® 500-XG-FGR-T


CAM-Spheres® 1200-SGCAM-Spheres® 700-SG


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