Cenospheres in industrial use

In addition to the construction industry, the refractory sector and the production of varnishes and paints, microspheres are also used in plastics processing, the mining and oil industries (well cement) and various areas of the chemical industry. Microspheres are also suitable for sound and fire protection products.

In addition to the common screenings and qualities listed here for exemplary areas of application, our product range also includes numerous other cenospheres - for special requirements too. We are sure that there is the right sphere for your needs - please contact us for further information.


Polymeres, plastics

CAM-Spheres® 100-XGCAM-Spheres® 125-XGCAM-Spheres® 150-XGCAM-Spheres® 150-XG-FGRCAM-Spheres® 150-XG-OCAM-Spheres® 300-XGCAM-Spheres® 300-XG-FGR

Noise cancelling mortars

CAM-Spheres® 150-HGCAM-Spheres® 300-HGCAM-Spheres® 300-HG-FGRCAM-Spheres® 300-SG

PU foam, plastics

CAM-Spheres® 300-SGCAM-Spheres® 500-SG-KCAM-Spheres® 700-SG


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