Cenospheres for building materials

Especially in the construction industry, there are a variety of options for optimizing the quality and volume of products through the use of cenospheres. They can be used not only in areas where cost efficiency is primarily a concern. Our aluminum-silicate hollow spheres are also particularly suitable for visible materials such as decorative plaster, stucco and panels.

The following qualities from our product range have proven particularly useful:

Visible surfaces such as panels, plaster, stucco

CAM-Spheres® 100-XGCAM-Spheres® 125-XGCAM-Spheres® 150-XGCAM-Spheres® 300-XGCAM-Spheres® 500-XG

Building and sealing compounds in general

CAM-Spheres® 150-HGCAM-Spheres® 300-HGCAM-Spheres® 300-HG-KCAM-Spheres® 500-HG

Fine spray plaster, fillers

CAM-Spheres® 100-XGCAM-Spheres® 125-XGCAM-Spheres® 150-HGCAM-Spheres® 150-XG

Hidden/background panels

CAM-Spheres® 300-SGCAM-Spheres® 300-SG-FGR


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